A Conscious Parenting approach to creating more Confidence, Consistency, and Freedom in your Parenting & Life

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I know you’re sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed and confused on how to be the best parent. It feels like you’re working so hard but yet they are not listening and you’re consistently butting heads.You question yourself and your methods and wonder if they’re gonna turn out alright, you’re concerned about the type of memories you’re creating with your children.  

Parenting doesn’t have to feel this way...Your experience can be different.  

------------------------------------------------- Own Your Parenting, Own Your Life --------------------------------------------------

This webinar will help you start your journey to implementing a mindset shift around your relationship with parenting. You will learn how to better manage stress, arguments, and uncooperative kids so that parenting becomes a tool for freedom, joy, and connection within yourself and your family home.

Why you get triggered & how to use them for good

How to create a consistent toolkit that grows with you and & family

How to create happy memories & feel good about your parenting

This includes parenting techniques, ways to deal with “disobedience”, and tailoring parenting to your family’s values and needs. All so you can OWN your relationship with parenting and begin to employ the exact strategies to build confidence and create a consistent and healthy relationship with your children and family.  

Over The Get Happy Quick Schemes Claiming You Can Change Your Kid (and Yourself!) Overnight? Me Too!

THE WEALTH OF PARENTING WISDOM IN THIS GUIDE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH REAL TOOLS IN SIMPLE STEPS TO GET OUT OF FEELING CONFUSED & OVERWHELMED AND CREATE CONSISTENT & EMPOWERED CHOICES FOR YOU & YOUR FAMILY. You deserve to live the life you dream of, with freedom and joy. By applying the principles set forth in this guide you can overcome the headaches and heartaches and achieve your dream parenting style.